Mini thumb keyboards for the IPAQ 2210/15?

Mini thumb keyboards for the IPAQ 2210/15?

Post by MS » Tue, 08 Jul 2003 09:50:48

I have read that the Stowaway keyboard for IPAQs will work with the 2210/15,
if it has the adapter that will fit the 3800, 3900, and 5400 series.

How about the small mini thumb keyboards you slide on the bottom end of the
PDA? If one is advertised as being suitable for 3800, 3900, 5400, does that
mean it will also fit the 2210/15?

There are various models available on E-Bay and elsewhere. They all say that
they will fit the 3 models above, but I guess the 2200 series is still to

I guess if the same Stowaway keyboard will fit, they must have the same
connector. But I don't know if there is another factor for the mini thumb
keyboards, in that they slide over the end of the PDA, so the size and shape
of the bottom of the unit might be important for a fit.

Anyone tried it yet?

I guess HP is just coming out with a new one for the 5400 etc. now, or it
will be out soon, and it includes a screen cover. I haven't seen those in
stores yet, which still carry HP's older design.

For those who have seen the last one mentioned, even a prototype model,
another unrelated question--Can the screen saver be used separately from the
mini keyboard, or are they attached?

Thank you.

Mini thumb keyboards for the IPAQ 2210/15?

Post by Tony Clar » Tue, 08 Jul 2003 16:54:41

The mini KBs that I have seen are specific to certain models because of the
form factor of the PDA. The new HPs are slightly different than the older
models and most likely won't work because the case dimensions of the PDA are