Startup script on IPAQ 2210

Startup script on IPAQ 2210

Post by stky » Sat, 03 Apr 2004 19:36:40


I'm having a problem with users allowing the battery of their
IPAQ 2210's to fully discharge, and thus the software we've
installed being wiped. Since the users involved would not be
very IT literate, its up to me to come up with a solution.

We could just do a backup (all IPAQ's would be installed with the
same software), and restore as required, but we dont think
the users would be able to do it by themselves. So the possible
alternative we've come up with is that we would install an
SD card in each IPAQ, copy the installed software to it,
and then create a script or application that is stored in the
filestore and is automatically run on startup/reboot that checks
whether a series of directories exists, and if they dont, they're
copied from the SD card.

I'm just wondering though what scripting capability exists
within Pocket PC 2003, and is there anyway that we can set it
up to be automatically run on startup (ie is there an autoexec.bat
type feature available)????



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I wrote a small barcoding app for an Ipaq 2210 which used Com 1. I
went to run the same app on an Ipaq 4150 and it says the port is in
use. In fact, all com ports seem to be in use on the 4150. I've tried
closing ports, disabling RTS etc but nothing seems to free the com
port up on 4150. Activesync is talking via WLAN, I've tried with WLAN
turned off and beam receive turned off but still no joy.

If anyone has any further suggestions, I'd be very appreciative.

Kind Regards,


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