Cases for HP IPAQ 2210/15

Cases for HP IPAQ 2210/15

Post by MS » Tue, 26 Aug 2003 10:16:06

Covertec now has a case for the 2210 on their web site:

Does anyone know of a review out yet for this case? Has anyone reading tried
one yet? (Well, they just appeared on the US web site a couple days ago, so
probably no normal user in the US has seen one yet, but perhaps it appeared
earlier in other countries, or someone got a review version sooner.)

On there were reviews last week of various cases for the
2210, but it didn't include Covertec. They reviewed Vaja, Piel Frama, and
Krusell. Frankly, from those descriptions, Krusell appeals more to me than
the other two. Besides costing significantly less money, the Krusell comes
with a clip, but one can use without the clip, without having the knob
protruding on the back to hang the clip on. (Not sure how that works, but
it's supposed to be flat without the clip.) That appeals to me, as I might
sometimes use the case with a clip, other times not, and it's nice not to
have that knob when you put the PDA in your shirt pocket.

The Covertec also has such a system--comes with a clip, but the case is
supposed to be flat without a clip, no protrusion. (I don't know if their
system of doing that is similar to the Krusell, or different.)

I would like to see a comparison of the Covertec and the Krusell. The
Krusell costs about $10 less ($28 or so on, whereas the
Covertec sells for $39.95 on the only place I've seen it, their page on
Mobileplanet. It looks like the Krusell comes only in black, the Covertec
has a choice of 3 colors. Otherwise, I really don't know what the
differences are. Anyone know?

Anyone used a recent model Covertec or Krusell case for another PDA? If so,
how was it?

Any input would be appreciated. Thank you.

Cases for HP IPAQ 2210/15

Post by Sven » Tue, 26 Aug 2003 11:10:30

Careful there. The Krusell case for the 2200 series reviewed at Mobileslash
is the Handit case ($34.95 at executivepda )
not the classic case which is $28.95. It is even a pre-order at this point.
So it is a $5 savings and not yet available so it seems.

From the pictures the covertec system seems to involve a *** on, and
removable stud, where the krusell has several options included. The
covertec is a magnetic latch where the krusell has snaps (two to accommodate
varying bulk in the cover slots.)

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Cases for HP IPAQ 2210/15

Post by MS » Tue, 26 Aug 2003 13:02:14

Mobileslash )

One can see that classic case for $28.95 on the executivepda web site at:

It says "recent arrival", doesn't say not available.

What is the difference in the two cases? I don't see a difference in the
descriptions. Both have the "Multidapt" clip.

And on the page where they have the "Handit" for $34.95 listed,

the part number is the same as the "classic" on the other page:


So, I'm not sure they are really two different cases. Or are they?


Yes, the magnetic latch would probably be easier to open and close than the
snaps. One could lose that screw-on, however. And, although I earlier
thought the Covertec was available now, on looking again at their web site
it says "pre-order"--available Sept. 15. So, that's still a few weeks off.
It looks to me like the Krussel is available now. No?

Cases for HP IPAQ 2210/15

Post by MS » Wed, 27 Aug 2003 13:53:30

I called Executivepda this morning, to get the scoop. You're right, the
"Classic" and the "Handit" are two different cases. You're wrong about which
they have in stock. They have the "Classic" ($28.95) in stock now. The
"Handit" ($34.95, the one reviewed) is not in stock, they expect to get them
in about three days.

The difference--the "Classic" does not have a leather flap in front to close
it. Instead it has clear plastic covering the front of the PDA, and you can
use the PDA (touch screen, buttons, etc.) through the plastic. I hadn't
heard of a PDA case like that before. (Many phone cases like that.)

I went ahead and ordered the "Classic", I'll see if I like it. They have a
good return policy, full refund within 30 days. )

Cases for HP IPAQ 2210/15

Post by Sven » Thu, 28 Aug 2003 12:07:25

Maybe I phrased it poorly, but it was the newer Handit case that was
reviewed, that I indicated was not yet available. Says pre-order on the
site. That one actually interests me more. Did they happen to mention a due

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Cases for HP IPAQ 2210/15

Post by MS » Sat, 30 Aug 2003 12:40:25


They said in three days, and if you look at their web site now, it looks
like it is available to ship.

I just received the Classic case today. My recommendation--do not get the
classic case! I am going to return mine immediately. I said that although it
doesn't have a leather flap to close in front, that the front is covered
with clear plastic, like many cell phone cases. That is what I thought they
told me on the phone. But actually, there is no clear plastic. The screen
and buttons are completely unprotected, and I think they are the most
vulmerable parts! I don't see the point of a case that provides absolutely
no protection for the screen and buttons, other than letting you clip the
PDA to your belt. I find the Classic case useless, I don't even know why
they make it.


Apparently HP now has a leather case available for the 2210, besides the
vinyl case they have had out for some time.

The description (web site) says leather belt case for 2210, I think it also
said something about being able to hold a couple business or credit cards.
But no more detailed description, and no picture.

The part number is:


The retail price is I think $29.95, and $24.95 for those who can get an
academic discount from HP.

Has anyone actually seen one of these cases? Any reviews?


Following is a review of the Covertec case for the 2210--

Not available in the US untile 9/15 though, according to their current