ze5240 notebook turns off

ze5240 notebook turns off

Post by M Fa » Sat, 04 Jun 2005 08:01:38

I have a friend with a Pavilion ze5240. The laptop will shut off
without warning, whether it is idle or being used. There are other
times when it can run for hours with no problem. HP supposedly fixed
this for her under warranty about 2 years ago. Is it a fan, a power
adapter, battery...? The computer does get rather warm, so my suspicion
is an overheating problem; the random shut down, however, has me
puzzled. I did contact HP, but since the laptop is out of warranty, she
would have to part with $300. Anyone have any ideas on this? Thank you.

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Hi all,
i'm Italian.

Running Windows Vista Ultimate, on an Asus A6Ja notebook
computer, having a problem:

Display turns off after close the lid,but when i open the lid the monitor is
turn off and the pc turn on.

Under Power Options, I have 'Turn on the display' set for both On
Battery and Plugged in.


I have changed all plane settings and advanced power settings too (power
buttons and lid)...but nothing,the monitor is out and the pc has turned

My Os is Windows Vista Ultimate x86 (32bit)



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