MSA 1000 performance diagnostics

MSA 1000 performance diagnostics

Post by joshsacket » Sat, 11 Jun 2005 03:01:16

Hi all,
I understand the MSA 1000 is a low-end, entry-level SAN solution..
however, I am currently at a customer site where it is being used for
storing all user data, databases for 2 HEAVILY accessed SQL servers,
storage area for 4 blade servers and it holds the Exchange data

It is overused </understatement>.

Are there ANY software tools available that will give me a complete
picture of the MSA 1000? Specifically, I want to see CPU usage, memory
usage and drive activity. It would also be helpful if I could break
this down by HBAs that are connected to it so I could see which of the
above mentioned connections is using most of the resources.

Or is what I want beyond the scope of the MSA 1000?

Thanks for the help,