Creating PDF files on the 3000 <<PLUG>> <<PLUG>>

Creating PDF files on the 3000 <<PLUG>> <<PLUG>>

Post by Jason Ken » Wed, 17 May 2006 01:43:15


OpenPDF converts Fantasia/3000 output to PDF. Both OpenPDF and
Fantasia/3000 are owned by Open Seas

With a copy of the OpenPDF program in the OPENPDF group of your LARC
account you can run Fantasia's LASER program with PARM=97 and it will
automatically convert the output to PDF rather than physically printing

Alternatively SpoolPDF can be used in conjunction with OpenPDF to
convert an MPE spool file to PDF. This method can be applied to most
HP3000 output, not just that from Fantasia.

Fantasia, OpenPDF and SpoolPDF are commercial software, hence the

Jason Kent
Open Seas (UK) Ltd

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