OT: Looking for help in LA/Pasadena area...

OT: Looking for help in LA/Pasadena area...

Post by Jerry Foch » Fri, 23 Dec 2005 22:12:08

Our high school band is one of the 16 high school bands and the only one
in a 5-state area selected to perform in the 2007 Rose parade. As trip chair
for the event, I'm looking for some folks in the LA/Pasadena/etc. specifically
that might be willing to kick-around venue ideas for 250 high school kids
our trip next year. AND...if anyone else who's familiar with/etc. has
or recent experiences at places in the area has thoughts to share, please
also e-mail me off-list.

And while google is my friend....anyone with connections with large hotel
or coach bus companies is welcome to give me their thoughts as well... :-)

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