jetdirect and non hp printers

jetdirect and non hp printers

Post by john pitma » Thu, 13 Jul 2006 07:32:20

Does anybody have any direct experience with meto/Datamax label printers
hanging off a jetdirect please?

Connecting a 2200n via parallel to the jetdirect works fine, but the Meto
doesn't seem to receive anything at all?



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2. New HP network printers not jetdirect

I got this new printer, HP 2605DN, color, double sided, Postscript,
built in network, prints good, what more could I want?

Problem is the network interface on these new printers isn't jetdirect,
so how do I use it with the Solaris 9 machines?

The old hppi chokes and says it is not a network printer.

It supposedly supports LPD printing, but attempts to set that up with
printmgr failed.

Anyone got a clue how to talk to one of these things so I can print color
from my Sun workstation like the Windows users?

Jim Pennino

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