Help: Mod 20, SCSI cards and a <PLUG>

Help: Mod 20, SCSI cards and a <PLUG>

Post by John Le » Thu, 22 Jan 2004 03:16:29

For those of you following this thread and thinking to yourselves, "Mod 20s
look painful and time consuming to implement", please keep in mind that you
can also have a full service hardware vendor do all of this configuring and
updating for you. Yes, it may cost more, but then YOU won't have to do it.
We have installed many of these that were literally plug and play ready
when they arrived at the site. Someone does have to deal with the firmware
issues, etc., but we know how to do all that and can do it for you. I'm
not saying that our way is the only way or the right way or that Tracy
should have done it's different strokes for different
folks..., I just don't want owners of HP 3000s scared away from Model 20s
because of this. The Mod 20 is a WONDERFUL and inexpensive way to RAID
your disk, and can be integrated in quite painlessly.

John Lee
Vaske Computer Solutions

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Some users have hit the "10000 user limit" on MPE/iX.
This limit, partially imposed by the HPUID.PUB.SYS file, can be
a problem for them.

Users hitting this limit may want to contact us, at XXXX@XXXXX.COM .

Note that this is not 10,000 simultaneous users ... but 10,000 user.account
combinations, something that most users will never come remotely close to hitting.


Stan Sieler

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