Synchronize Axwebbrowser Scrollbars

Synchronize Axwebbrowser Scrollbars

Post by Harsh Vard » Wed, 20 Apr 2005 15:02:23


I am making a windows application in C# .NET where I have a windows form
with two AxWebBrowser controls. These browsers are being used to display
Word documents and HTML files (it could be either of the two). Now I want to
synchronize the scrollbars in these two windows such that when the user
scrolls in one window the other window scrolls automatically. I tried adding
scrollbar components but can't get both the windows to scroll

In case of Word documents, a word application opens in the background and
the documents in both the AxWebBrowsers are opened in that Word Application.
In this case, Word enables its own scrollbars. On the other hand when HTML
files are opened, then the WebBrowser displays its default scrollbars. How
can I handle the two cases simultaneously?

Please help.
Thanks in advance,
Harsh Vardhan.