Custom Control and scrolling panel

Custom Control and scrolling panel

Post by Andrea » Tue, 02 Oct 2007 14:48:59

Answer 1 : Yes

Answer 2 : In the load event for the control. check if the parent is of the
type ScrollableControl. If it is, then hook up an event listner for the
Scroll event.

Tada :-) I blame it on friday afternoon exhaustion....

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I am attempting to use a custom control in a property page that is part
of a control panel applet. Has anyone successfully done this? If a
create the property page and just put the custom control on it (without
adding any code for the custom control), the property page does not
display. I have attempted to create a custom class for this control (one
which registers itself with windows) but that isn't working either. From
some of the articles that I have read, the control panel applet is control
by a hidden window that I somehow need to make process the messages for my
custom control (Article by Paul DiLasca, I think).

If someone could help me out I would really appreciate it...

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