add user control directly to form

add user control directly to form

Post by Bill » Sat, 01 Nov 2008 23:14:07


I'm using Visual Studio 2008 SP1.

I have created a custom control, and I want to use it on a Windows
Form. They way I have done this in the past is: first I add the custom
control to the toolbox (Tools -> Choose Toolbox Items... -> .NET
Framework Components -> etc) and then I drag the control from to
toolbox to the form. That works fine.

Is there any way to add a custom control to a form without having to
first add it to the toolbox?

Thank you,

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Hello Everybody,
I designed 2 controls. User of control will add Vertical toolbar in MDI
Form, When user click Button of vertical Toolbar, Vertical Toolbar must
dynamically create Horizontal Flyout Toolbar.
Here, I create Horizontal Toolbar dynamically in ButtonClick event of
Vertical Toolbar using statement

Set objHorizontalToolbat = Controls.Add("CntHori.TbrHorizontal", "ObjName")
Actually, I want to create toolbar on users MDI Form. I tried by another
statement like
Set objHorizontalToolbat = Controls.Add("CntHori.TbrHorizontal", "ObjName",
But VB fired Runtime Error "MDIForm" is not valid Container.
Can you help me in this regard.
Is ther any other way to create flyout Toolbar in VB for MDI
Help Me?

Thnak You in Advance

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