User Control in IE (authentication)?

User Control in IE (authentication)?

Post by Mantas Mil » Sun, 27 Feb 2005 00:54:28


I have a "little" problem with authentication from user control (written in
.NET c#) that
is displayed in HTML page using Internet Explorer. Its possible using
<object classid=....> tag.

Lets say i have logged in as user A to my computer.
Then i launch my browser (IE) and open website that requires authentication
(Windows Integrated).
So I log in as user B. The page that is displayed for me contains the
user control. This user control is run under user A privileges.

So my question:

IS THERE ANY solution somehow to get the credentials of the user B?
I want to connect to webservices located on the same website, and pass
the same credentials.

Thanks for any advice.

Mantas Miliukas