UITypeEditor, obtaining instance of original form

UITypeEditor, obtaining instance of original form

Post by Q2Fpcm » Fri, 22 Sep 2006 01:44:02

I have created a design time form to allow editing of properties at design
time of the form being designed. The problem I have is that I wish to display
all the controls on the form I am designing. When I use the Form.Control
property I end up obtaining those of the editor form. How can I obtain those
on the form, so I can show all the controls on the form I am editing.


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The easiest way to explain this is that I am creating a math test. The
question is in text form with the answer available in a combo list. If they
don't know the answer, they can select the help command button (associated
with that question only) which takes them to a new form with a multiplication
table on it. Each box inside the table is a command button assigned a value,
once they select the answer (3X5 = 15) (That's three down and five across) by
sleecting the comand button, I want to dispay the value on that form (like at
the bottom and if they are happy with it, they can then select another comand
button (Back to test). How do I go back to the orignal form still filled in
with their answers?

Also, how do I tie all the command buttons together in the multiplication
table so that only one can be depressed at a time?

Appreciate your help.

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