Forget That.

Forget That.

Post by Stev » Sat, 06 May 2006 23:17:06

My fault, I didn't realise the code waits at the DoDragDrop() method until
finished so

flag = true;
flag = false;

would work.

Its Friday after all.

Forget That.

Post by Frank Patt » Thu, 01 Jun 2006 21:10:57

I am new to the Ajax world.
Anyone out there who has used RICO libraries on a dot net platform? Or,
do you know of any examples out there that I could take a look at. I am
having a very difficult time getting a simple drag drop module that
works under dot net. I have several that run as straight HTML browser
type applications, but when you take the same html listing and try to
make it a dot net website, things start getting crazy..

Thanks for your time,

Frank Patton

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