Datagridview specific columnheader formatting

Datagridview specific columnheader formatting

Post by Phluxe » Wed, 07 Dec 2005 23:53:47

I am currently working on a project that requires specific colum
headers in the datagridview to be bold to denote a mandatory field. S
far the team of developers here and I have not found a simple method t
set specific columns to bold or change the size. Is there a feasible wa
of doing this

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2. set key autotitle columnheader = undefined variable: columnheader


I am trying to read some files whit different columns whose first row
contain the "name" of the key (title). From other posts and
documentation I found that using:

set key autotitle columnhead[er]

should do the trick however when I use it i got the following error:
"undefined variable: columnheader"

It is worth nothing I am using "gnuplot version 4.0. patchlevel 0" .

Is this feature not available in the version I am using? or what am I
doing wrong? is there any other way to do it (I am using my University
machine for which I have no root access hence I can not patch/update
gnuplot :(

thank you,


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