i got robbed bad at bestbuy :( :(

i got robbed bad at bestbuy :( :(

Post by Denny Pant » Thu, 29 Oct 2009 03:49:43

high evryone its me denny pants and welcom to my new blog. i wanted
to be the first person in the hole world to by windows 7 so i camped
out side bestbuy on wensday nite. i thort theire would be hundreds of
people there like when i lined up for my iphone but i was the only one
there!!!!! lol :) :) i woke up at 2am and their was a bum sleeping
next too me on my sleeping bag :( i sed get away from me u bum go and
get a job like rest off us do!!!! lol i reelly told him off good :)
but when i woke up at 7am my iphone was gone and the bum had a camping
bed. i sed u theif u stole me phone and bort a bed with it but he had
empty cheep vodka bottles evrywhere and was past out :( :(

i bort windows 7 and asked the boy if i was the first person to buy it
and he sed it was releesed in australia yesterday and thousands of
peeple bort it already :( :( i was smelly and tired and sum bum stole
my iphone and it was all a waiste :( when i was bying a new iphone
sum mexican kid sed hey fatso u need a shower u smell like a pig. and
then his frend sed do u have swine flu u fat pig and i sed i was the
first person in houston to by windows 7 so the joke is on u!!!!!
lol :) the mexican kid was so dum he did'nt even get the joke. i sed
do'nt u lern stuff from ur wetback dad or is he to busy swimming
across the river!!!!! lol!!! :)

i was laffing to myself about my joke when i was walking out the store
and the skinny mexican kid snuk up behind me pulled my pants down to
my ankles and i tripped over and dropped my bag and i coudn't get up
an evryone was laffing at me. thn the bum came and stole my new
iphone and windows 7 :( :( i started crying and the security gard
helped me up and i told him that the bum stole my stuff but he sed coz
it was stolen from me and not bestbuy their was nothning he culd do :
( :( :( my life is so unfare!!! :(

i got robbed bad at bestbuy :( :(

Post by Legio » Thu, 29 Oct 2009 14:21:56

On Tue, 27 Oct 2009 11:49:43 -0700 (PDT), Denny Pants

tbuy their was nothning he culd do :


I must be going bats form playing to much "Batman",
I thought this was actually funny...



i got robbed bad at bestbuy :( :(

Post by Gray Deat » Fri, 30 Oct 2009 05:08:52

And it is about Windows 7 too, so it is acceptably off-topic :)

i got robbed bad at bestbuy :( :(

Post by Elmer Fud » Sat, 31 Oct 2009 00:33:58

You're a bum too!!! How else could you sit outside BestBuy all night
unless you have no job? Get a job fatboy!