AVC/JCU announces date for next years show

AVC/JCU announces date for next years show

Post by atarivideo » Tue, 08 Nov 2005 22:55:09

This is just an announcement before I send out the official Pr in
around the
end of this month:
Atari Video Club/Jaguar Community United announced today that our next
will take place on August 12th,2006 at the FairField Inn and suites in
Lombard,IL (the same location we had it for the past 3 years).
Right now we are looking for people to help with the show.
here are the only parts we need hep with:
1. Advertising: Flier's and/or mentions in the local papers by you.(the
should be similar to the one I did for the past 2 shows)Also fliers can
distributed at certain game stores (or computer users groups).
2. Organization: at this time we basically have two people working on
each side
of the show: Corey Koltz from 8-bit classics.com is working on the
Video Game
side of the show and Julian Wolf from Suburban Chicago ATarains users
group is
working on the computer side of the show. These guys can't do it alone
if you
care to help either one of these fine gentlemen please e-mail me and
contact the person you want to help.
Also to further help: Corey has set up a private section in his forum
at 8bit
Classics.com for us to use for the show (I've already posted the first
which is similar to this) for those who wish to be part of it first
go the forum and register(if you haven't already) then e-mail Corey at(
XXXX@XXXXX.COM ) and let him know that you are part of the VGS
committee so you can post on the section.
I should have more information coming soon about signing up sponsors
Dan Iacovelli

1. AVC/JCU announces date for next years show

2. AVC/JCU announces Atari Zone on Demand

Atari Video Club/Jaguar Community United announced today that plans for
thier new fanzine has been canceled. AVC/JCU previously announced plans
for a combo newsletter called "into the Zone" which was to include
articles from back issue. but due to time constraints AVC/JCU anounced
on 7-31-05 that "Into the Zone" newsletters will be scrapped and
instead start a new service called "Atari Zone On Demand" where people
can request a back issue (which will include a special cover and be
made by cafepress.com) and people will have a choice to pay via paypal
or thru cafepress.com.
(current issues are also included in the service as well, also those
who which to recieve current issues via on demand can subscribe to
service for free where subscribers will get notices when an issue is
ready to order) Issues not inculded in the service are the the jagfest
issues and
the VGS programs,since they are avilable on cafepress.com already)
more information can be found at http://www.yqcomputer.com/

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