What is closes to Tribes II?

What is closes to Tribes II?

Post by Happy Camp » Thu, 11 Sep 2003 12:53:21

Of non-gory games, what else is like Tribes II?

Mainly curious. Tribes II is awesome IMO especially with a fast PC and a
good Internet connection.

My first such game was the AOL beta for Multi-Player BattleTech years ago.
I got like 2 frames per secand and still have fond memories playing that
thing (sometimes I couldn't even tell which way the enemy was running
around me).


What is closes to Tribes II?

Post by StuM » Thu, 11 Sep 2003 13:59:52

Battlefield 1942 with the Desert Combat free mod. Pretty impressive.



What is closes to Tribes II?

Post by Jamie_Mani » Thu, 11 Sep 2003 17:33:45

Planetside, if you are feeling rich.

What is closes to Tribes II?

Post by Happy Camp » Thu, 11 Sep 2003 23:59:25

...or irresponsible.

Looks like it is $50 USD up front and at least $13 per month, for an
online-only game. MultiPlayer BattleTech was downloadable and $40 per month
for a while. I wasn't playing then. They didn't charge that much for long.

<begin rant>

I really don't like the idea of paying online subscription vendors with my
credit card. Too much of a hassle. They reserve the right to charge
whatever they feel is appropriate. I dont even let my telephone company do
that. If they let me decide how much to pay electronically, that would be
different. My bank is giving me "online bill pay" for free now which allows
us to specify the amount of payment and the form clearly states the option
for "one time payment." Apparently they know how I feel about the liberal
approach online subscription vendors have taken, beginning with Internet
Service Providers. And thru my bank's online bill pay is how my ISP is paid

Sony says:
Note that purchasers of the full game will receive their "free month of
game play" after supplying valid billing information. If you cancel your
subscription during the free month, no charges will be made to your credit

In reallity that month costs $50 doesn't it?

So the demo of Planetside costs $50 USD, requires submission of credit card
information (under the terms of their End User License Agreement), and
lasts no longer than one month. How weird.

If it were a fantastic game (relative to the other choices) for about $10
per month, maybe, but Sony wont get easy access to my wallet governed by a
lawyer-speak EULA for a game, no matter what they charge.