Spearhead: Cheaters or just very good?

Spearhead: Cheaters or just very good?

Post by DDT WeedKi » Fri, 22 Aug 2003 10:43:56

instance, it
suggesting a

I actually found that there *seems* to be less cheaters in SH then in the
original game.
So perhaps that the explanation is elsewhere for you. I have good and bad
days as well.
I know that I am getting pretty good with the rifle on long distance

Oh, I also did something that improved my aim on long range shots.
I now use a different scope that has four lines, but a simple black dot in
the middle.
It is called USER_optic_kar.pk3 and USER_optic_spingfield.pk3. These are
great and
you can find them on the net.

As for the reticule (for the rifle), I use a simple red dot. It is called:

This way, not all of the player (the target) is covered by the reticule.
This has improved my accuracy both sniping
and with the rifle. I hope this helps.

BTW do others consider this cheating? I hope not...

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2. Funny spam - cheaters cheating other cheaters--much of it ain't no cheatin'

I remeber now that the article I read on new Torrent startups was in IBD
(Investor's Biz Daily) Wed Aug 16, 2006:

It featured companies like Cache Logic that has a special tool to manage P2P
traffic. They have $28 million in venture company funding, including $20
million raised during July.

Warner Bros. has an agreement with Bit Torrent to distribute movies. Bit
Torrent has 70 million users world wide.

Verisign is launching P2P Kontiki, and so are Neo-Edge and EMI launching

I'd be real surprise MSFT doesn't find its way into the Torrent Business and
also into a new encryption business that is revolutionary that Cleversafe
is doing by open source distributed data storage--in the area of distributed
file systems research.


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