New Way to Search the Information - - An Integrated Search

New Way to Search the Information - - An Integrated Search

Post by Shain » Mon, 29 Jan 2007 17:55:54

We have just launched a new Search Tool -
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=============== is an integrated search tool which integrates various
services to serve best of the web to its users. Ogleo word has been
derived from word Ogle \O"gle\, n, which means to look at. At this
time we have integrated 5 different services in i.e. Web
Results, Questions and Answers, Dictionary Definitions, Encyclopedia
Content and Images.

Our Mission
Ogleo's aim is to integrate the information which is available with
various content providers so that anyone can access the world's
information in a single click.

Future Plans
In future we have planned to integrate more services in e.g.
News, Shopping, Photos, Videos, Whois, Jobs, Directories, Groups and
Yellow Pages etc.

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Thanks Team

1. New Way to Search the Information - - An Integrated Search

2. Replace Search by Google search - here's how

Unfortunately, this cannot be done through the registry, the search url is
hardcoded into the dll library %systemroot%\system32\shdoclc.dll. Use a
resource hacker to hack the file. Navigate to the string table 76, Element
1211 and substitute e.g. %1
for the url.

After saving the file you have to restart Windows Explorer. So crash and
restart Windows Explorer through the task manager. After the restart you are
ready to go, just type two or more words into the address bar of WE/IE and
it will start searching for those words on google

You can also remove the unsafe-activeX warnings that appear on some
websites, but that's up to you.

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