CAS 2 vs. CAS 3 speed differences in RAM with Athlon 64?

CAS 2 vs. CAS 3 speed differences in RAM with Athlon 64?

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Yeah, it's a big number. It's also completely wrong. Look at the
benchmarks at some hardware sites, the difference between a system
running CAS3 or CAS2 (of the same size and bus speed) is in the region
of 3-5%. Not worth it unless you plan to overclock.

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1. CAS 2 vs. CAS 3 speed differences in RAM with Athlon 64?

2. CAS 2 vs. CAS 3 clock ticks vs. Mhz

hz means Megahertz, which refers to the number of clock ticks per second.
The prefix "mega" is 1 million, so 266 mhz means 266,000,000 clock ticks.
So CAS 2 refers to 2 clock ticks, whereas 2mhz refers to 2 million clock
ticks. CAS 2 takes 2 clock ticks to refresh, whereas CAS 3 takes 3 ticks.
Your FSB runs at a rate of 266 million ticks per second.

That's the difference between ticks and mhz. The mega just refers to
millions of ticks. It's friday and my brain's shutting off, so the
explanation wasn't the clearest.

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