Tell Me About Your Favorite Upcoming FPS Multiplayer Game

Tell Me About Your Favorite Upcoming FPS Multiplayer Game

Post by crai » Wed, 28 Jun 2006 05:01:06

Hi people,
Our *** group supports many different types of games from MMORPG to
FPS and with the slew of new FPS games coming down the road we want to
make sure we pick the right ones that the *** communities would most
like to see supported.

We are a big supporter of BF2 and we host two of the top servers in the
world according to We love that style of gameplay
(teams and big maps with vehicle/squad play) and would like to continue
in that vein as we grow.

We see several games that could potentially be big hits. Here is our
potential list:

Quake Wars: Enemy Territory
Unreal Tournament 2007
Battlefield 2142
BF2 Mod: Desert Conflict

What input do all of you have on these games? I know my favorites but
am trying to get as much information as I can considering the thousands
of dollars we spend every month in game server hosting. With us
getting so big decisions like this can cost us unnecessesarily if we
don't make the right move. We will most likely try them all but want
to get an idea of community thoughts.

Thanks for any input and feel free to email or AIM me at AOL usename


We're always looking for good BF2 Admins as our servers are full 24/7
and can use all the help we can find. Be mature and experienced at
game server administration

Tell Me About Your Favorite Upcoming FPS Multiplayer Game

Post by Trimble Br » Thu, 29 Jun 2006 06:00:40

Will 'we' will won't 'we' ...How nice to be addresed by such a well
practised slick marketing person ..
'We' are all delighted and we, I'm confident that I can write on behalf of
absoluty every one in this group (ever)
When I say 'we' are pleased that you are so optomistic about your prospects
You kindly told us; "Be mature and experienced at game server
administration"...well yes of cause allways..
And 'we' (all) express the hope that you will as well ..or as unwell even

'straferight' is the name is it??? what I nice one ...don't you ever have a
need to "'strafeleft' as well ? ..
Bit of forward and back allso helps a lot 'We' find ..
Now lets cee what
you...Lets try your English (wasn't it ?)
to Korean and then back to Eng again..(just for a jolly bit of fun ;) this
bit of yours say;
"What input do all of you have on these games? ....(as in above post..
etc..etc.) get an idea of community thoughts."
And via Korean 'we' get :
"You to all input is to game?
It goes out and it sends inside each month empty tin-can game server
which our as this does to spare thousands of the dollars like
as I and in my, mind trying the fact that it gets vast quantity information
and holding but the cancer there is Iss.
When we and us do not move the right side
this getting a like this big decision us the unnecessesarily
a possibility of needing. We let us want in order all for the idea of
community thought
remember probably to except, will administer justice them"

GOOD GRIEF it really responds to you doesn't it ...thats what you need to do
...go to To Korea..the North is nice right now..
Mouse (I did not make that up)


Tell Me About Your Favorite Upcoming FPS Multiplayer Game

Post by crai » Thu, 29 Jun 2006 10:28:19

That's the problem with today's internet...when you really have
something honest to say people don't believe you. /sigh

Why would I need to market anything on a google newsgroup? Did you
notice we have 72,000 registered members across our shared forums? Do
you think we need the 400 or so on this google group? No, but we truly
want to reach out to everyone who has a sense of community for *** .
I am sure you don't speak for everyone in your group given the tone and
intellect voiced in your witty reply.

We truly are the giving type of entity. There are no donation links to
be found on our site and we never accept them when they are offered.
We take all of the very small ad dollars we make and put them back into
the site and hosting costs for our game servers. In fact, we just gave
away approximately $4000 in cash and prizes while not asking one red
cent in return...and we never will.

I'm sorry if anyone misinterpreted what I mean to say and took it as an
ad for our site. Trust me, we are a top notch and highly organized
site that is run like a business even though it costs us money out of
pocket every month. That is why I came looking for opinions of those
we are not affiliated with...that list is getting shorter everyday as
we grow and makes it hard to get unbiased and truthful input. We're
not looking for traffic, we're looking for opinions. In fact, our
bandwidth bills are higher than we want them right now anyway :-(

Please don't think I'm looking for any kind of static here...I'm really
just looking for a place that can give us some new insight from some
fresh faces.


Tell Me About Your Favorite Upcoming FPS Multiplayer Game

Post by Nonymou » Thu, 29 Jun 2006 11:15:09


google now owns Usenet?

Tell Me About Your Favorite Upcoming FPS Multiplayer Game

Post by Andre » Thu, 29 Jun 2006 15:07:34

On Tue, 27 Jun 2006 21:15:09 -0500, Nonymous

Google: All your Newsgroups are belong to us! ;-)
Andrew, contact via
Help make Usenet a better place: English is read downwards,
please don't top post. Trim replies to quote only relevant text.
Check before asking an obvious question.

Tell Me About Your Favorite Upcoming FPS Multiplayer Game

Post by E. Tork » Thu, 29 Jun 2006 21:47:06

On 26 Jun 2006 13:01:06 -0700, " XXXX@XXXXX.COM "

Please ignore Trimble et al. Trimble in particular is a retard, but
you'll get a number of retards responding with varying levels of
useless sarcasm. Arguing on usenet is the only life they have, so
they amuse themselves by chiming in on everythread possible with some
smartass comment that contributes to their own entertainment but
nobody elses.

With that out of the way, I didn't see any problem with your post.

As for the answer, I think the other games will have a significant
following but you cannot go wrong with Battlefield games.

Tell Me About Your Favorite Upcoming FPS Multiplayer Game

Post by crai » Fri, 30 Jun 2006 07:07:49

Thank you very much E.Torks. I appreciate your input.

We're interested in seeing how EA and Dice work out the bugs with the
BF2 1.4 patch they say we should see in July. Apparently 2142 is built
upon the same engine. BF2 has been terribly unstable since day one so
if they cannot work out the bugs we may look elsewhere.

But we have a few guys in our *** group who are beta testing 2142
and they say, bugs aside, it has all the elements of an MMORPG with all
the action of an FPS.

Could be fun!


Tell Me About Your Favorite Upcoming FPS Multiplayer Game

Post by Trimble Br » Fri, 30 Jun 2006 09:34:15

E Torks you are playing with DANgeR !! here...
Where do you think all those monsters made in Experements that have gone
Evil, wrong
in "Quake 4 AfterDoom Half Sin Prey II" go ? ..
They never all get killed in the games do they ?...they become suited
creatures in the Marketting world, stalking , Preying, Advertizing
there shiny-slimmy 'Happy-nice-day' words to DevOUr nice you to there Evil
Have a care.or you will find yourself *** ped & forced to work as a
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