Harpoon3 DB2000 6.5.27 is now available

Harpoon3 DB2000 6.5.27 is now available

Post by ragem » Tue, 20 Sep 2005 23:47:48

Version 6.5.27 of the DB2000 database for Harpoon 3 has been released.
Get it at the HarpoonHQ:


Features include:

- New units: 39 aircraft, 37 ships, 10 submarines, 10 facilities and 38

- Tons of mods and improvements: China, Korea, Netherlands, India,
Portugal, and Norway updates, Indian Navy Barak installations, Litening
II ER/AT on USMC Hornets from 2003/2006, RBS-15 missile mods, USN
torpedo versions, USCG units updated, RAF weapon options, JSF updates,
ERGM mods, Tp 61/612/613/617 mods, plus a whole lot of other stuff I
don't remember right now :D

- Various new features for the two upcoming ' *** on the Kola
Peninsula' scenarios, such as SS-18 Satan ICBMs used in anti-shipping
role (!!) and smarter SA-2/3/5 sites to defeat SEAD efforts. The first
scenario is already available on the HarpoonHQ's Scenario Testing
Ground and Part II will be posted shortly:


Please make sure to also check out the other databases on the HHQ:

World War II scenarios:

1950-1964 scenarios:

1965-1979 scenarios:

The Harpoon HeadQuarters: By the Players, For the Players

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