Itanium Experts - Building Itanium 1 systems (parts)?

Itanium Experts - Building Itanium 1 systems (parts)?

Post by Matt Simi » Sat, 20 Dec 2003 00:48:58


Id like to build an old Itanium 1 system. Ive seen cheap Itanium 1 CPUs
floating around, usually from (then) CPQ or HP servers, supplied with what
appears to be VRM and heatsinks (no fans).

The problem is, of course, sourcing motherboards to put these into. Im
looking into perhaps salvaging an old Dell Precision 730 motherboard, but
since these CPUs explicitly state "Compaq CPU upgrade" (or similar), Im
wondering if Dell, CPQ and the rest use standard mountings (like the way P4s
have a standard socket and heatsink mount) or each have different OEM

Any other suggestions on where to find Itanium 1 motherboards welcome.


PS: Im already familar with Itanium 1's performance!? :p

Itanium Experts - Building Itanium 1 systems (parts)?

Post by Bjorn-Ove. » Sat, 20 Dec 2003 04:02:07

Most Itanium 1 workstations used the same Intel reference board and
case, so either HP, SGI, Dell, Compaq or any other vendor who made
Itanium 1 stations are usable.

Bjn-Ove Heimsund
Centre for Integrated Petroleum Research
University of Bergen, Norway