data binding a collection onto a canvas

data binding a collection onto a canvas

Post by Steve Mill » Mon, 24 Mar 2008 10:36:41

I have an ObservableCollection of objects that encode a reference to
an image with left, top, width, and height. I want to data bind them
onto a Canvas in a WPF Window. What I've tried uses:

<DataTemplate x:Key="ImageTemplate">
Source="{Binding Path=Key, Converter={StaticResource
Width="{Binding Path=Width}"
Height="{Binding Path=Height}"

<Canvas.Left><Binding Path=Left" /> </Canvas.Left>
<Canvas.Top><Binding Path=Top" /> </Canvas.Top>


<ListBox Name="Images"
ItemTemplate="{StaticResource ImageTemplate}">
<Canvas />

The images show up on the Canvas just fine, EXCEPT that the left and
top all come out == 0.0. The image file is picked up, the width and
height are fine, but not left and top.

All suggestions welcome.

- Steve

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I have two class with nearly exactly same attributes, the only difference is
class B's property setter does some argument checking.

class A
private string a;

public string AA
get { return a; }
set { a = value; }

class B
private string a;

public string AA
get { return a; }
if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(value))
throw new ApplicationException();
a = value;

I want to do the following:
A a = new A();
a.AA = "123123";
B b = (B)a; -- Copy a's attribute values to b.
Please tell me how to implement a generic function to support copying
namesake fields from one class instance to another even when they belongs to
different class type.



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