Replacement Monitor for 2647 (T3) Can't do > 1024x768 - the original did

Replacement Monitor for 2647 (T3) Can't do > 1024x768 - the original did

Post by Harvested. » Sun, 17 Dec 2006 19:42:26

I've got an old IBM ThinkPad 2647 (T3) with an S3 graphics card, which,
believe it or not, is still quite useful for some things[1]. Enough
that I abandoned my wife's high-end Dell. This one is a lot lighter and
I can fit it into my shoulder bag.

The original monitor would go to either 1600x1200 or 1280x1024. I don't
remember[2] but it was definitely beyond the 1024x768.

Anyway, someone flew up on the couch and put a good-sized paw into the
original and I hauled it in to a place friends have recommended. I'm
not afraid of doing hardware, but there's a little problem with a body
which still has enough juice to cook what's being held, despite a strap
on both wrists.

Before it left the store, I went through everything so I wouldn't walk
back and claim about a problem as a result of my efforts. They knew
what I was expecting upon return but made support calls and pulled
hardcopy off of IBM's web site stating it can't go that high, which I
won't begrudge them; and, I couldn't prove my case.

I've managed to get it to present the options for 1280x1024 and
1600x1200 and I can switch to them, but it doesn't scale to fit the
visible screen. I have to scroll around the desktop to see everything.
I feel like I'm performing "tank maneuvers" -- something we used to say
when windows were frozen over and people would scrape about a 4"x15"
slot and drive hunched down, peering through it while waiting for the
engine to warm up enough for the defrost to finish the job.

Did I just get lucky with the first one or am I overlooking an option
telling it to "scale to fit screen"?



"My Trunk Monkey can beat up your Trunk Monkey"

[1] We used these for development and slid them into a rack and plugged
them into a jeep for the DARPA Grand Challenge (Fall, '5). IIRC, it
was 30-40 of them.

I use it for writing projects -- scripts for potential TV shows and
doing online research in the middle of working.

[2] The first thing I've always done when dealing with the first visit
to a machine is crank the resolution up. Reading glasses haven't hurt
the situation as I've gotten older. I like the extra real estate
displayed at once. I changed it in June '5 and never had to go back &
fiddle with it. Others on the "Sensor" team had to get used to a lot of
tiny material. I guess that's what the professors were cranky about
twenty-five years ago when all of my work done in pencil was with a
Pentel 0.3mm. -- "The Human Microfiche". Thank goodness they still
produce the lead and there are pencils on the market, but I've always
been partial to the P203 Pentel, but I haven't seen those sold anywhere
in the US in a long, long time...order online only.

Replacement Monitor for 2647 (T3) Can't do > 1024x768 - the original did

Post by Jeremy Bod » Sun, 17 Dec 2006 23:17:16

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Why not plug it into a proper monitor?

Jeremy Boden