Connecting an Ethernet network to Wireless

Connecting an Ethernet network to Wireless

Post by markkilb » Tue, 05 Apr 2005 19:30:06


I've got a project to do and am looking for some guidence before I
investigate it further.

At home I have some Windows PCs that are hooked together with an old
Ethernet BUS network (BNC type connectors).

I would like a minimal hassle solution to link this kit into a
wireless network that I will setup elsewhere in the house and will be
connected to my Broadband feed.

I've still got a lot of reading up to do, but I would be grateful of
some feedback on two directions I think I can go in (or suggestions as
to other ways to acheive the same result).

(1) Do I buy free-standing device with its own BNC port that can be
plugged into the network, that is wireless enabled? The PCs on the
network would then communicate with the wireless network via this

(2) Or do I buy a wireless PCI card that fits into one of the Ethernet
PCs, making THAT PC connectable to the wireless network. The other PCs
on the Ethernet network would then communicate to the wireless network
THROUGH this PC with the wireless card in it. My main concern here is
whether, by enabling one machine for wireless, whether all the other
PCs on the ethernet bus will still be able to see the wireless network
(e.g. would I need to setup/enable soemthing like IP forwarding on the
PC that has the wireless card in it)?

Regards, Mark.

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ive recently installed a belkin 54g wireless PCI network card into my
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manual.It does not seem to be able to find the wireless network though when i
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connection but has trouble connecting and when it does it drops out almost
instantly. im using the netgear FM114p wireless router and ive checked its
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cheers, Hugh

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