oh boy .... 'Reboot & select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device & press a key'

oh boy .... 'Reboot & select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device & press a key'

Post by ndy » Sun, 26 Feb 2006 16:08:39

lately I have been getting this message on a DOS screen upon startup,
first from hibernation, and now from a shutdown restart. does this mean
my HD is failing, or can it be file corruption?

over the last 3-4 weeks I have been occasionally getting this error
message after starting from hibernation mode. it just sits there, push
any key and it makes no difference, can't use F8, anything.
I'll turn it off and then it would proceed to starting the hibernation
startup. as of late it has taken more than 1 reboot, and then it got to
like 4 or so so I figured I better stop with that for a while and just
shutdown regular, but it is also doing this from a shutdown as well.
both, after the machine has been off for some time or usually, overnight.

at first I thought it might have something to do with my DSL modem as I
have a recent habit of turning it off some time while the computer is
down or in hibernation when I figure I won't be needing it for a day or
so and thought maybe this was changing the configuration, different from
when it shut off and upsetting the apple cart. but I think this turning
it on, off, before shutdown, after, whatever, which seemed to make some
difference, now was only anecdotal as some initial investigation seem to
be something to do with the HD itself, rather than any program as I
haven't really done much change to the machine except for the usual MS
updates over the last month or any change to a bios.

this last time I started my computer from a overnight shutdown it took 6
reboots to get it to go past the screen and it is getting a little scary.

a Google search suggest this is nothing new and some suggest its a HD
failure. but the drive is only a few months old with a clean XP Pro
install and worked for a month without any problems then this started
intermittently, and now slowly getting worse, to now pretty much every
time. I dare not turn my machine off right now and figure I guess a call
to Maxtor in in order, but it is the weekend. some suggest corrupted
files such as the boot sector and/or the ntdetect, ntldr files.

any ideas to do help narrow the causes, or can it be such a myriad of
things, I'm screwed???

thanks ..........

oh boy .... 'Reboot & select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device & press a key'

Post by Rod Spee » Mon, 27 Feb 2006 03:22:07

dy < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote

It can be a variety of things, including a failing motherboard with
bad caps, or a weak power supply that doesnt start properly.

It isnt usually a bad HD and even less likely to be file corruption.
File corruption should produce an error message.

You wont get that effect with file corruption.

Are you ever seeing anything on the screen at all,
particularly the black bios screen listing the drives etc ?

Unlikely, a modem problem shouldnt produce those symptoms either.
You should get an error message or not being able to use the net etc.

See above.

Its easy to decide you are seeing a difference when
the fault is variable like this one, when what you are
changing doesnt actually make any difference at all.

Thats just one possibility, and again, a bad HD would
normally produce different symptoms, particularly the
system complaining about the HD at boot time.

Thats more likely to be a bad motherboard or power supply.

Again, the system should be complaining
about the HD, not just freezing on startup.

Yeah, best to leave it on till you resolve the problem.

Thats the least likely possibility for the cause of the problem.

Those would all produce some sort of error message.

Yes, particularly the tests you have done.

Again, if it was the HD you should be seeing an error message
when the system cant find a HD or cant read the files properly.

I wouldnt bother with that test right now.

Yeah, its unlikely to be that.

That makes it sound like you are seeing the black bios screen
at startup, and then it freezes later on the bad starts.

You should still get an error message if the HD
cant be seen, tho the bios can take a surprisingly
long time to decide that it cant see a HD, minutes.

Yes, thats important, to do that.

Have a look at the motherboard and check for bad caps.
These are the usually black or blue plastic covered post
like things sticking up vertically from the motherboard.
Check the tops of those, they should be flat. See if
you can see any that have bulged or even leaked.

Try another power supply if you can, tho
it sounds unlikely that you have a spare.

See what the Everest SMART stats for the drive say. Quote them
here. That should show if the drive is having a problem spinning up.

If the system is still under warranty, make them fix the problem, after
you have backed up the stuff you will slash your wrists if you lose them.

Say exactly how far it gets before it freezes on a bad start.
If you can see the black bios screen but no hard drive listed
on it, wait at least 10 mins to see if its taking a long time
to decide that there is no HD visible.

If its not under warranty, and the motherboard caps look
ok, and it isnt just taking a long time to decide that there
is no HD visible, I'd try another power supply next, mainly
because thats a lot cheaper to try than a new motherboard.

If there are visibly bad motherboard caps, it may make
more sense to move the drive to a new system than to
replace the motherboard with a proprietary system like HP.

No, its always possible to work out where the problem is. Not
as easy if you dont have spares like a spare power supply tho.