Matrox P650 - Mix Digital and Analog output.

Matrox P650 - Mix Digital and Analog output.

Post by pondri » Tue, 01 Feb 2005 23:49:40

I'm considering to buy Matrox P650 for dual-head config. I already have
a Analog SONY 21inch CRT. I'm going to buy a LCD Flat Pannel Display
with DVI-D. Both display will be running @ 1600x1200. The Matrox card
has two DVI ports ( DVI-I, I guess ). Is it possible to mix Digital and
Analog at the same time with P650 ? The spec on the web explicitely
says it supports Dual-Digital or Dual-Anlog. But there is no mention
about mixing them. I know it *should* work. But does anyone know if it
works from the direct experience ?

Matrox P650 - Mix Digital and Analog output.

Post by And » Wed, 02 Feb 2005 17:21:18

Yes it does work, card comes with DVI to Analog adapters and the set up of
the Matrix drivers give you 3 options analog/analog, analog/DVI and

I started with a pair of 22" analog, got a 20" LCD then got another 20"

One thing I would say is my eyes got strained when I was running the LCD
and Analogo together as they were so different in their look but this is
nothing to do with the kit and may just be a personal thing.

By the way the card is fine, passive heatsink (totally quiet) and the
drivers are very reliable. I hear it is rubbish for games but have never
played any as this is on my work PC.

Hope this helps