Plasma Screen TV & Flat Screen TV connected to Nvidia 7600GT - Need Assistance

Plasma Screen TV & Flat Screen TV connected to Nvidia 7600GT - Need Assistance

Post by Jay » Tue, 28 Nov 2006 13:10:46

I am currently working on installing a plasma screen TV and flat screen
TV connected to a PC via DVI. The plasma screen TV is a Phillips 42"
and the flat screen TV is a Phillips 23". The computer has a Nvidia
Geforce 7600 GT (dual DVI). According to Philips documentation, both
TVs are capable of supporting a resolution of 800x600 at 60 hertz. I
currently have the Nvidia 7600 GT setup in a clone setting for both TVs
set to a resolution of 800x600 at 60 hertz. The 42" plasma screen TV
has a wonderful picture. However, the 23" flat screen TV does not look
right. The image is stretched off the screen. I have checked all the
settings on the TV, but have not found anything to fix it. Neither
have I found a setting in the Nvidia control panel which will solve the

Any advice???


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Hi Gang,

I am new to the forum, so big hello to all your hot flash gurus!

I have been given a project where I need to create a flash site, that will be
played on full screen on any computer.

However, they also would like to play it on a wide screen tv, like a plasma

When it comes to proportions I am not sure where I should begin.

For example, if I begin the site for a website I could start with 800 x 600,
1024 x 768 these all being the 4:3

If the site works full screen on 4:3 then thats great and thats my goal, but I
want to make sure that when I play the flash site on the WIDESCREEN plasma, it
doesnt distort.

what I am hoping will happen is that when we run the projector file, the site
simple opens, but the box where the site compotents are, simply sits in the
middle and there are spaces on the right and left, where its been centred
inside the widescreen display.

The second concern is pixel size, I know that the shape of pixels are
different on TV screens, to computer monitors, do I need to worry about this?
or will the computer that we play the Flash projector file through, on to the
PLASMA just sort all that out, as if I was playing the site on a normal
computer screen.

Thanks so much for any advice you can give.



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