Updating Linked Table from Access 2000 Form

Updating Linked Table from Access 2000 Form

Post by SeniorTran » Thu, 24 Jun 2004 22:14:27


I've linked to an external Paradox table that is used by another software
that is in use. I also have information in my Access 2000 database that I
to link to it. I have a query that links the linked paradox table and the
data in my database. I am using that query as the Recordsource for my form.

When I open the form, it shows no data..(all the fields are blank on the
form). If I change the property setting for the form from "Allow Editing"
from Yes to No, then the data is displayed...but Access will not allow me to
changes ("No" to allow editing). But If I change it back to "Yes" the data
is not displayed . . . I have only 1 record...apparently for adding a

If I go to the Query and directly enter data, it is accepted in the Paradox
table and in the corresponding table in Access.

What do I have to do to be able to use the form to update, add, etc. records
to this Recordset so it will edit, etc. the record in the attached Paradox
table and/or in my related Access table?

Any assistance would be helpful.

Thanks in Advance.

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Hi Everyone,
i am in fresh in VB programming hence please help me to make link
between access table and visual basic form to save vb form entered
data in access table step by step.

for example:-

designed a form in visual basic to calculate two numbers as well as to
Save those data in access table.

Enter 1st Number (Text box name is T1).
Enter 2nd Number Text box Name isT2)
Total(Text Box name is T3)

made a table in access and saved it in c drive with the name of
data fields are first_no.,Second_no. and Total
made Save button on vb Form so that if user will enter data in vb form
and click on save buttion then it should calculate and save data in
access table.

how can i do that.

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