=?Utf-8?Q?Import_|_and_=C2=A6_Delimted_Text_Fil?= =?Utf-8?Q?es?=

=?Utf-8?Q?Import_|_and_=C2=A6_Delimted_Text_Fil?= =?Utf-8?Q?es?=

Post by UGV0ZXIgU2 » Mon, 02 Nov 2009 23:01:01

I wish to import a delimited text file where the bar character (|) is used as
the column delimiter and the broken pipe () is used as the record delimiter.
The standard import does not allow you to specify the record delimiter.

The file contains unquoted text that contains punctuation and return
character codes so I can't even do a search and replace on the file prior to

Any suggestions please?

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Hi bitla50,

Which version of Office do you use? Meanwhile, try this:

1. Download FileExtInfo.zip from here:

2. Unzip the utility and extract the files to Desktop.
3. Double-click "FileExtInfo.exe" to run it.
4. Select ".DOC" from the list box
5. Click "View file association report"
6. Copy the contents of the report and include it in your reply.


Ramesh Srinivasan, Microsoft MVP [Windows Shell/User]
Windows Troubleshooting http://www.yqcomputer.com/

When I try to open a .doc or a .wps file attached to an email, I get an error
info. When I save the file and try to open it, all is fine. The same used to
be the case with pdf, but that has miraculously repaired itself after an
Adobe-update. I have Vista Home Premium and the email program I use is a
webmail thing. With XP it worked fine and also with another PC I have with
Ultimate and another protetion program. So why not here?Grateful for any
useful tips.

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