Access Data export to Access DB

Access Data export to Access DB

Post by Sm9l » Sun, 19 Feb 2006 04:03:28

Hi out there,
At the moment I have following situation: Data is being entered into Access
DB (2003) in one end and then weekly exported (as two tables in XML) as
e-mail attachment to other end and imported into master DB. It is then
appended into the table with same name.
My question is: how to do this more economically export only data entered
since last export, do appropriate import and how to automate the process,
export and import.
Any suggestions?

Thanks and best regards, Joe

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I have a price list that utilizes several dropdown boxes (via data
validation) and vlookup values. when all is said and done, I end up with a
list with a customer name, phone number, and a varied combination of options
in various sections of the worksheet, but definately in nice linear rows. My
desire is to be able to develop some method, whether through VBA or macros to
collect each option, assign it the same customer identifier and bid number
(also to be generated) and export this into an access database.

Hopefully the following example clarifies my ramblings.

customer: Smith
phone: 1234567
date: 28-August

option 1: widget blue $1.29
option 2: widget red $1.29
option 3: hoohah black $4.00
option 4: [empty]

Export Data and append to an Access table.........

custID Date Bid# item color price
1 8/28/06 200 widget blue 1.29
1 8/28/06 200 widget red 1.29
1 8/28/06 200 hoohah black 4.00

Am I dreaming??

Thanks, Brian

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