This could change your life:> Just read itL J. Hall

This could change your life:> Just read itL J. Hall

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arents of a 15 year old boy find $71,000.00 in CASH in his closet!

Does this heading look familiar? Of course it does. You most likely have
just seen this story recently featured on a major nightly news program in
the USA.

This boy's mother was cleaning his closet when she came across a large brown
paper bag. When she opened she was shocked to find that it was full of cash.
5,10,20,50 and 100 dollar bills. She ran to call her husband because she
thought that maybe the boy had robbed a bank. Together they picked him up at
school and when they heard the explanation they were even more shocked!

As it turned out, the boy had been sending out via e-mail on the Internet a
type of "chain-letter" to e-mail addresses that he obtained off the
internet. Everyday after school for the past two months he had been doing
this right on his computer in his bedroom.

"I just got the e-mail one day and I thought" What the heck!. I put my name
on it like the instructions said and I started sending it out", says the
clever 15 year old.

The e-mail letter listed 6 addresses and contained instructions to send one
$5 dollar bill to each of the persons of the list. Then delete that address
and move the other addresses up and finally to add your name to the bottom
of the list. The letter goes on to state that you would receive several
thousand dollars in $5 dollar bills within 2 weeks if you sent out the
letter with your name at the bottom of the 6-address list. "I get junk mail
everyday and really didn't know if it was going to work", continues the

Within the first few days of sending out the e-mail, the post office box
that his parents had gotten for his video-game magazine subscriptions began
to fill up with not magazines, but envelopes containing $5 dollar bills.
"About a week later, I rode my bike to the Post office and my box had 1
magazine and about 300 envelopes stuffed in it. There was a yellow slip that
said had to go up to the counter. I thought was in trouble or something
(laughs)". "I went to the counter and they had a whole box of more mail for
me. I had to ride back home and empty out my backpack because I couldn't
carry it all"

Over the next few weeks, the boy continued sending out the e-mail and the
money kept on coming! Opening so many envelopes hardly left him any time for
his homework. He stashed it in his closet and everyday he went down to the
local banks to exchange $5 dollar bills for $100 dollar bills, so he
wouldn't have so many bills. " I didn't want the banks to get suspicious so
I would tell the teller that my dad had sent me to do it and he was waiting
in the car for me.

Surprisingly, the boy didn't have any reason to be afraid. The reporting
news team examined and investigated the so-called "chain letter" the boy was
sending and found out it wasn't a chain-letter at all! In fact it was
perfectly legal according to US Postal and Lottery Laws, Title 18, Section
1302 and 1341, or title 18, Section 3005 in the US code, also in the code of
the federal regulations, Volume 16, Sections 255 and 436, which states a
product or service must be exchanged for money received.

Every $5 dollar bill that he received contained a little note that read:
"Please add me to your mailing list" This simple note made the letter legal
because he was exchanging a service) adding the purchasers to his mailing
list) for a 5 dollar fee.

Here is the letter that the 15 year old was s