Import Access file

Import Access file

Post by Tamar » Fri, 12 Sep 2003 15:26:26

I have always been able to import data from an excel or
word file by using 'Get external data' and then Import.

However, I tried today, the option to import is not
working - when I click onto import it flashes quickly
once and then nothing happens

I've tried removing and reinstalling Office
2000, I have installed access by itself all to no avail
and the problem persists.

Any suggestions please ?


Import Access file

Post by Jennife » Fri, 12 Sep 2003 22:44:48

Are you using Windows 2000? If so, what is your service
pack? I too cannot import, I found that SP4 seems to have
changed something in the odbc driver.


Import Access file

Post by John Nuric » Sat, 13 Sep 2003 06:01:17

Hi Tamara,

This is usually a registry problem.

If the import/export wizards don't work at all, re-register ACCWIZ.DLL

If it's one or more file formats that aren't listed, re-register the
following files
msexcl35.dll (Excel)
msxbse35.dll (dBase)
mspdox35.dll (Paradox)
mstext35.dll (Text, CSV, tab-delimited))
In Access 2000 and later, the filenames contain 40 instead of 35.

To re-register a DLL file,

1) Locate it (usually all these are in the Windows\System32 or
WINNT\System32 folder.

2) Locate the file regsvr32.exe.

3) Drag the DLL file's icon onto the regsvr32.exe icon.

These problems are discussed in the following MS Knowledgebase articles
among others:
or for Access 2002

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