M-Audio Rev 7.1 , using Dig Coax .. no sound ??

M-Audio Rev 7.1 , using Dig Coax .. no sound ??

Post by tricher » Wed, 05 Jan 2005 07:01:51

Ok I have a fairly simple setup .. Win xp sp2 the above card, i had
this working where all sound came out the dig coax to my receiver
(Harmon Kardon).

However I had to reload today and I can NOT get this to work. I know
the drivers are good, if i fire up TheaterTek i get sound as it knows
to pull from the AC3 .. however its like windows thinks it needs to
send its audio out the non digital ports for some reason and unlike my
creative card i can not find a "only use ac3" checkbox anywhere in any

Anyone able to help me to get windows to use this AC3 output on the MA
Rev 7.1 ??

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Hi. I am researching to find a new sound card to replace (currently a
Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live! Platinum [LiveDrive not installed]
for my next computer upgrade (AMD64 or P4) in two months.

I heard a lot of great things about M-Audio Revolution 7.1's audio
quality, drivers, support, etc. However, its EAX support is very poor
especially in *** . I am a big PC gamer (play a lot of newer games
like DOOM 3, UT2004, etc.).

I don't like Creative Lab's stuff because of poor/buggy driver, bad
support, and so-so quality. But its hardware EAX is nice for *** .

Since I am still going to use my old Klipsch ProMedia v2-400 speakers
(4.1), I won't be using every features of the sound card like 7 speakers

Please note that I will be planning to play Linux native games (Q3A,
UT2004, Enemy Territory, RTCW) as well so driver support is important. I
was not impressed with emu10k1 driver in Red Hat Linux 7.2. Quality and
support was bad. Not even EAX support!

Thank you in advance for any advices. :)
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