MP3+ drivers?

MP3+ drivers?

Post by MS » Wed, 29 Dec 2004 08:54:28

I have the Soundblaster MP3+, a small bus-powered USB sound card.

Recently, on looking at the SB web site, I saw there was an updated driver
package for that unit. I downloaded it and tried to install it.

I got an error message that it could not find an installation on MP3+ on the
system, although at the time the unit was connected to the computer, and

I thought I had installed the original CD when I got the unit. But I noticed
that the driver it loads when I plug it in is a generic driver from
Microsoft, I think just called usb audio, from 2001 or so. So perhaps I
didn't install the original CD, or installed it and uninstalled it, I don't
recall, but the unit has worked with the generic driver.

I looked for the original CD, to install the original driver for the unit,
so then I could apply the update. I cannot find the original CD however.

I looked on places like, but all I could find was the same
patch I already downloaded. The only MP3+ driver file that Creative lists
for download is that patch.

Does anyone know where I can download the original driver installation for
the MP3+, so that then I could update it with the patch I downloaded?