Optical connections

Optical connections

Post by Rodge » Sat, 09 Oct 2004 00:16:26

I'm buying one of these


It says it has Coaxial and digital outputs, will this allow connection to a
computer soundcard?

And will that be "SPDIF" ?

I can't see many cards which say they have SPDIF input, mainly output.

I don't need anything high end, was thinking of the audigy type stuff.

Can anyone help with the right cable here? Is it something like -



Optical connections

Post by Crimson Li » Sat, 09 Oct 2004 04:13:16

Yup that's the right cable, just remember though, the only way to get 5.1
signal from non ac3 encoded sources is to be using a Nvidia Soundstorm
motherboard. All other systems are only going to give you stereo in
everything other than DVD playback (where the AC3 is pre-encoded).

Crimson Liar

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