Playing Computer Audio Through Stereo System?

Playing Computer Audio Through Stereo System?

Post by mudpupp » Mon, 01 Sep 2003 03:51:22

Did you try connecting your soundcard's line out to the line in or
"tape in" on your system's receiver?

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I'm looking for a utility or to program one that can take a sound file
(WAV or AIFF) and take a second file, and isolate what the two files
have in common, and what is different about them.

For instance if you have two WAV files that are different mixes of the
same recording. Say one has a guitar solo in it, and another has a
horn solo instead, but in all other aspects they are the same
recording, this program would compare the two files, and save a new
WAV file with the guitar solo only, and another with the horn solo
only, and another with the rhythm tracks (what the two files had in
common). The result would be somewhat a multitrack master.

I'm new to the WAV format and audio theory, but can program VB and
.NET and it seems like it should be possible, if the two sound
recordings have common data, then you just compare. Of course, two
different mixdowns (esp from an analog source) might need to be
stretched to be exactly the same length, and the function might need
some kind of fuzzy logic to analyze the sound, if it isn't exactly
digitally identical.

I program in VB & .NET and could throw something together given the
formulas and some info on sound file format (the more pre-written
functions the easier it would be).

Any thoughts?

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