Please help!! Can't record from soundcard

Please help!! Can't record from soundcard

Post by Fokke Naut » Thu, 19 Feb 2004 00:43:19

Hi all,

When I play a MIDI file, I route the data via the game port of my
Soundblaster 128 to an external synthesizer (Roland JV1010). No problem
The headphone output of the Roland is connected to the line input of the
Soundblaster. I can hear the music playing through the speakers, connected
to the output of the Soundblaster. Still no problem here.
Now I like to record the sound to the HD. In the application I choose as the
"record device" the Soundblaster. Funny enough I can not record the audio
signal, even though I hear it playing through the speakers. Only if I choose
the wave mapper as "record device", I can record a very faint signal in the
background. This is useless.
What is going wrong? Or is this a limitation of PC architecture? BTW, using
Win2k prof.

Thanks in advance.

With best regards,

Fokke Nauta

Please help!! Can't record from soundcard

Post by Noel » Fri, 20 Feb 2004 07:20:34

On Tue, 17 Feb 2004 15:43:19 GMT, "Fokke Nauta"

You should not need to use the wave mapper to record, you should be
able to from the SB Wave In. If you can not, then go to your mixer
applet, choose Options and Properties from the menu, click on the
'Recording' radio button. Then make sure your line in is set to a
sufficient level to record.