sound issues on Aries A700

sound issues on Aries A700

Post by crisp » Thu, 06 Jan 2005 06:18:41

I have recently aquired an Aries A700. I believe it has onboard sound,
however no drivers have loaded after a clean install.
When I check in System I have a PCI multimedia card with no drivers,
However I am unable to detect the drivers using Win98se setup. Any

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I got this monitor back in '97 with my beige box G3, and except for a little
burn-in in the menu bar, it's been fine. I got a new computer so I moved the
old G3 and monitor to my s.o.'s office, where it was on but sleeping for a
few days. Went to fire it up today and had to restart because it wouldn't
wake properly.

Upon restart, the screen had kind of a rosy tint, and darkish, transparent
streaks fading off to the right of windows and other light objects. I've
never had such a thing happen before. I reset it and degaussed, but still
have the streaks.

Is my monitor toast? Is there something I can do?



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