TIP - Cutting a Range of MIDI Notes with Cakewalk

TIP - Cutting a Range of MIDI Notes with Cakewalk

Post by Scott R. G » Thu, 25 Aug 2005 03:09:15

DFreqTIP - Cutting a Range of MIDI Notes with Cakewalk

Copyright 2005 by Scott R. Garrigus. Reprinted with permission.

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There may be times when you're working on a project that you would like to
take a certain range of notes from one track and move them to another track.
For example, if you recorded a keyboard performance on one track, but would
rather have the left and right hand parts on two different tracks.

Using Cakewalk software, you can achieve this by doing the following:

1) Select the track that contains the performance.
2) Choose Edit > Select > By Filter.
3) Click the None button.
4) Put a check mark next to the Note option.
5) Choose the range of notes you want to select by entering values for the
Key Min and Key Max parameters. Click OK.
6) Choose Edit > Cut.
7) Make sure the Events In Tracks option is activated. Click OK.
8) Choose Edit > Paste. Set the Starting Time to 1:01:000 and set the
Repetitions to 1.
9) Set the Starting At Track parameter to the number of the track to which
you want to paste the new data. Click OK.

You should now have two tracks with different ranges of notes that when
combined, play the entire performance.