Very low line-in

Very low line-in

Post by Jespe » Sat, 23 Oct 2004 21:46:38


For some reason my line-in (from mic) is VERY VERY low, there is sound but
is is so low that it is useless.
I have tried everything i know of so now i try here, all good ideas are
welcome, i just want it working again.


Very low line-in

Post by Dave H » Sun, 24 Oct 2004 00:07:08

Hi Jesper,
You'll need some sort of preamplifier between the mic and line-in of
your sound card - line inputs are for powered electronic equipment, with
much higher output levels (keyboards, hifi etc.). A good start would be a
small mic mixer, almost any commercial mixer is likely to be better than the
built-in mic preamp in your sound card! There are a couple of exceptions,
but I guess you're new to recording and using the standard PC hardware?

Dave H.
(The engineer formerly known as Homeless)