Will S/B Audigy 2 NX work with this setup??

Will S/B Audigy 2 NX work with this setup??

Post by beastneigh » Mon, 29 Dec 2003 21:24:01

Hi all,

Ive just built a PC up from components that I have bought and Im
looking to buy a sound card to use.

I intend on using Cubase SX 2 with Reason v2.5 and with MIDI a sound
module such as a Roland 5080 or 5050.

Im looking for a sound card that can deliver quality audio in and out,
preferably optical.

The one worry I have is getting a sound card that has a large latency
on it too, otherwise it will be useless. i will be using a MIDI
keyboard so it all needs to be in real time.

The sound card that I have seen is the Sound Blaster 2 NX (with USB)
and can get it for less than 00. On the surface it appears to do
what I want, but would like to know if anyone has any advice on them,
or if they are not as good as the spec makes out.

Any advice appreciated! Thanks in advance

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This is doing my head in!!!! Everything was fine with my
Audigy 2 NX USB sound card on XP Pro SP1, Windows was
recognising it properly and attaching it to the USB 2.0
Hub. I installed SP2 as soon as it was released, and low
and behold, Windows kicked the NX back to the USB 1.1
hub!!!! I even installed the official version of a CDROM,
on the off chance that all of the files didn't download,
as I'm still on dial-up internet until my DSL gets set
up. But NO....typical windows wouldnt connect it to the
USB 2.0 hub!

I've tried everything...updating the mobo chipset drivers
(I have the ASUS K8V SE Deluxe with my Athlon 64 3200+), I
tried uninstalling the software for the NX and removing it
from Device manager, restarting and re-installing the
software for it, including the driver roll-up to enable
USB 2.0 connectivity!

What is the story Microsoft????!!!! Are you totally
incapable of delivering bug free software? Or is it
typical Microsoft policy to release a porduct, and then
test it later, thusly creating a lot of seriously P*@ssed
off customers!!

Yours in extreme annoyance.

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