Increase your sales and marketing

Increase your sales and marketing

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According to me sales and business increase by marketing.So market
place need to be clean and powerful.Take a step for clear business.
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2. sales needed to cover costs that increase as sales do

I'm trying to write a funcction that will calculate the amount of
incremental sales I would need to cover my costs if I were start paying a
sales commission.
If my original sales were 100,000
and I wanted to pay 3% commission, that would cost me:
75% of the sales (that is my cost of sale) PLUS the 3%. The problem is that
if I need to increase sales to cover the 3% commission, I have to pay the
cost of sales (75%) plus the commission on those sales and so on- and so-on.
It seems like a never ending loop. I can do a "solver" but I need a formula
to put into a spreadsheet to give to my sales team. It's more than breakeven
because of the incremental sales and costs associated with those additional

Any clues?!?! ANY input would be so appreciated!!

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