Has ANYONE figured out how to delete an AUDIGY2 ???

Has ANYONE figured out how to delete an AUDIGY2 ???

Post by pullin » Fri, 31 Dec 2004 10:17:29

After trying to update my drivers for my Audigy 2 (6 months ago!), I
still have not seen my EAX console, ever again. I've tried "System
Restore", The "Cleansweep" process (both manual and the included
.exe). I've tried several suggestions from various forum
users...including deleting some recommended registry entries.

Nothing has worked. Drivers install, but the EAX Console, and all the
other stuff (speaker balance/fade, center speaker settings and on and
on) has gone missing since my very first attempt at updating. Yes, I
used CL "automatic Web update"...that's what started all this.

Now, I just want to rip the darn card out of my system (and never buy
another CL product again...you can be sure!). But I want all the
leftover crud that CL freely spreads through the system and registry,

Has ANYONE found a way to rid a system of ALL Creative Labs garbage?

I've thought about deleting the Audigy2 in Windows (XP), doing all
the stuff that was recommended, but didn't work. Then, I'd rip out the
annoying card (and burn it in a riyual fire in the front yard).
Restart the system and use a registry cleaner to remove any traces of
this "thing".

Think that would work?

I'm done trying to make it work. The ridiculous problems with EAX,
driver updates and poor to non-existent tech support have convinced

I just want a clean environment for my new soundcard...whichever one
I choose.

Has ANYONE figured out how to delete an AUDIGY2 ???

Post by Bass » Sat, 01 Jan 2005 12:21:39


Has ANYONE figured out how to delete an AUDIGY2 ???

Post by pullin » Sun, 02 Jan 2005 04:06:06

That will probably work for the drivers but the problem seems to be
leftover registry entries, which NFR doesn't do anything about, and
which are causing the original problem.

I guess I'll try deleting everything (software and drivers) then
removing from the hardware manager. Then I'll physically rip the WPOS
out and restart. Maybe, after that, a registry cleaner will find all
the Creative Labs *** and consider it "old"...and "clean" it?

There are MANY posts, at the CL support forum, from people with the
same problems...and not ONE good answer.