having some mic prolems xp

having some mic prolems xp

Post by Jeremy.cas » Mon, 28 Nov 2005 14:19:00

I get a lot of reverb i can hear my pc running through the headset. i
have tried all of the colume controls i have tried taking my stereo
away from my pc, i have tried updating the sound drivers.I have on-bord
sound (Intel 82801ba/baw/ac97 audio controller. can anyone help me
solve this problem??

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i am trying to download netzero,when the prompt comes up
fo me to either open or save nothing happens when i click
either one,so the file doesn't download...when i go to the
netzero site it tells me to enable my cookies but they are
already enabled and it is the same thing when i try to
access my email account it talks about that the jave and
cookies are not enabled,so tell me what to to do...i can't
even download the latest explore

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