Help with Static Issue

Help with Static Issue

Post by NightShado » Wed, 06 Oct 2004 22:01:52

I have a friend that is having an issue with her sound. I have not
been able to look at the computer and do not know the setup, but I am
just looking for some general ideas or if anyone else has had an issue
like this. What is happening is that if she plays streaming audio
through AOL,(her number one problem), the sound is fine. If she plays
audio from her CD player or from her harddrive through Windows Media
Player the sound has a lot of static. Looking for any help or ideas,
thanks in advance.

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I have posted this problem but no one has clue of this.

Hope to see some light :)
I state the problem again.

We had a portal with following url " " hosted on machine
This contains lists, document libraries, sites etc. was backed up and restored the portal to new machine
"xyz", the new url is " ".

After a 2 or 3 months all the wss sites which were not in Use sent
auto-email (alert) which contain following information.

------------------------Starts here-----------------

Subject : ACTION REQUIRED: Your SharePoint site collection is about to expire.

To extend the expiration date for this site collection, click the link

Otherwise this site collection, including all of its subsites, might be

If this site collection is no longer needed, you can delete it by going
, and selecting "Delete this site".

------------------------ends here-----------------

I understand that this is an Alert notification for "Static Site Deletion".

But we no more have machine "abc" and url " " does not

Why does it points to OLD url.Where is this stored?

How to make all pointers to point to new url(restored url), not the backed
up machine's url.


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