Low Levels

Low Levels

Post by Andy Littl » Fri, 18 Jul 2003 12:34:41

I have a SB Live Value in a Win98SE box. My problem is that the volume
levels on all inputs and outputs are very low. I have adjusted all the
software volume controls I can find up to max and I still have to have the
volume on the speakers turned up to 3/4 to get any reasonable sound out of
them. Turn anything down from this and I can't hear anything. It seems that
this has happened since I have upgraded my mobo and
processor (from BX board and PIII 500 to VIA board and +1800XP). Before it
was possible to go very loud. I have Liveware 3 and latest drivers
installed but nothing seems to make a difference. I have been recording
some old LP's to CD (via an amp, so it's not a turntable output problem) and
the line in levels are barely useable. Anyone know
any ways around this?

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Turing machine is a mathematical model. It wasn't designed to complete a
specific task. It even can't be built in the real world (like most of
mathematical models - it is ideal).
Real machines used for cracking Enigma code were 'cryptological bombs', first
built in Poland and used before WW2 and then Ultra in Bletchley Park where
Turing and many more joined.

It amazes me how easy people talk on topics they have no idea about (oh wait,
wildstar in my killfile...). Talking about 'Turing machine' and 'being
Turing-complete' is not a discussion about which soundtrack in 8-bit game is
the best. These terms are well-defined and there is no place for argue.
If you don't like these definitions - fine, but you are no longer refering to
these terms then. You talk about something else. If you don't understand the
definition - don't talk at all.

Read something. Both of you.

Turing machine:




Najlepsza sygnatura to brak sygnatury.

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